The Speech Plasma Method has been discovered and developed by Alexander Pavlenko who has been applying the Method for 20 years.
The Speech Plasma Method uses special Speech Fluency Drills to generate a super active area, “speech plasma”, for the new target language thus creating all the necessary conditions for spontaneous, automatic speech. The Speech Plasma Method is based on the idea that the shortest way to master a foreign language is to learn to speak it spontaneously at a very early stage.
Plasma, according to natural science, is one of the states of matter with remarkable conductive properties consisting of atoms, molecules and free ions and electron; the latter, influencing each other and nearby particles, comprise a distinguishing feature of a plasma – a very interactive, conductive medium with extraordinary varied, complex and subtle behaviour.
The human brain gets into a similar state at the moment of speaking: words, phrases and sentences act like atoms and molecules in plasma, whereas subtle sophisticated grammar notions, components and shades of meaning including emotions behave like free ions and electrons, creating an interactive and extremely conductive medium which could be called ‘speech plasma’.
Only human beings can speak languages and only a human brain can generate speech plasma. Once generated for the mother tongue at a very early age, speech plasma is developed by education, various activities and verbal communication (speaking, listening, reading and writing).
In spite of the fact that we can speak our native language, most of us find it difficult to learn a new, foreign language.
The Speech Plasma Method, based on creating speech plasma for a new language, makes the process of learning to speak the target language much easier, saving an abundance of time and effort.
Traditional methods of learning a foreign language cannot avoid synthesis of the two languages, where the target language is easily absorbed by the native language. Speech plasma of the native language is so powerful that it dominates over the new language for a long time, preventing formation of the parallel, independent speech plasma for the target language. Only much later, when the student gets stronger in the target language and stops translating sentences from his native language into the foreign one, does speech plasma of the target language separate from the speech plasma of his native one, which allows the student of the language to think in the target language and speak it freely and automatically.
The advantage of the Speech Plasma Method lies in the generation of speech plasma for the target language and its separation from the native language speech plasma at the very beginning of learning the language. As a result, students start speaking the new language from the very first steps and then develop their speaking skills through further practice.
The Speech Plasma Method works for everyone, even dyslexic adults and children, and also for people with minor mental disorders due to its fundamental principle – the creation of a speech plasma area in the brain as the very first step of learning a language.
The creation of a speech plasma area (for the target language) in the brain first thing is the basic principle of the Speech Plasma Method. It takes a much different period of time with different types of language learners. The period of speech plasma creation (in its initial, most simple form) can range from several hours to several days or even weeks of regular training.
Speech plasma creation is carried out with the help of a fluency practice drill which is a logically-organized story containing a limited number of grammatical and lexical units (no more than 4-5 for beginners and for those that have difficulties in language learning) with a limited number of sentences, about 20 – the training has to be not too short (enough to create speech plasma) and not too long (easy to remember and practise). Beginners and those that have difficulties in language learning start with 2-5 sentences. Two sentences is a minimum requirement for successful plasma formation – plasma is born when at least two logically connected sentences are said in a row.
Once created in your mind, speech plasma (no matter how small it is) acts as a stimulator for further language learning. The bigger and stronger speech plasma grows, the more fluently you speak, the easier it is to absorb new words and grammar rules, the faster you read, and the better you understand oral texts.
In order to generate speech plasma for the target language, we have created numerous Speech Fluency Drills. The drills have been tested in teaching English, Russian and Hungarian for more than twenty years and have proved to be extremely effective.
Speech Fluency Drills for various levels (more than 600 drills) can be found in the Fluency Practice Series by Alexander Pavlenko.

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Learn to speak Russian with Speech Plasma Method!

Speech Plasma Method converts disability to learn languages into super ability! You speak your mother tongue because the speech plasma of the language in your mind is 100%.
Test the speech plasma condition of Russian in your mind!

Speech Plasma Test

  1. Watch the first part of the video with subtitles.
  2. Try to memorize the text.
  3. Mute the second part of the video.
  4. Look at the pictures and say the text.
  5. If you finish within the given time, your speech plasma in Russian is 100%. You can speak Russian automatically like a native speaker.
  6. If you have to watch the video 2, 3, 4, or 5 times in order to reach proper fluency, your speech plasma condition in Russian is 90%, 80%, 70% or 60% correspondingly.
  7. If you fail, continue to watch the video and repeat the fluency practice drill until you speak easily and automatically. This training will make your speech plasma in Russian much stronger and your ability to learn the language will start growing.

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